Lambing season is here! Stay tuned for F1, F2 and F3 Valais Blacknose Lambs!

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Charm and Harmony: Home to Valais Blacknose Sheep & More!

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Meet Our Team


Co-Owner & Shepherdess

Jeri manages the sheep! She handles breeding, lambing, feeding, and heads up the chin and ear scratching effort (which is a full time job). She also runs the social media and website!


Co-Owner and Construction Manager

Ed builds things for these darling sheep nearly every day. He handles hoof trimming and the back end financials as well.


Director of Predator Control

Fern is the queen of the castle here at the Ranch. She is half Pyrenees and half Anatolian and she both loves and protects with all of her enormous heart.


Assistant Director - Predator Control

Waylon - also known as Big Boy is second in command. He and Fern work as a team and are always locating themselves in different areas of our land to keep an eye from sides. They sleep in shifts and they take turns entertaining their love child - Tilly Jane.

Tilly Jane

Assistant to the Assistant - Predator Control

Tilly aka Kitty Cat is the lovechild of Fern and Waylon. They had a litter of ten in their first year on the Ranch as a result of us wanting to let them get some growth behind them before doing any neutering. Well we just couldn't let Tilly Jane go when it came time to disperse the pups. Now there are three! She has turned out to be an excellent addition to the team.

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